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The group of students who took part in the course.
The group of students who took part in the course.

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Cybersecurity: After the Course, Off to the National Finals

In the past few days, the final exams of the CyberChallenge.IT training program, a national cybersecurity training initiative for future professionals, took place. Yesterday, the top three students were awarded. A team of six students will participate in the national finals in Turin.

The CyberChallenge.IT training program, which involves the computer science departments of 43 Italian universities, including unibz, aims to educate and select the cybersecurity experts that our country needs in order to face presente and future challenges.

Between February and May, 18 students (17 from unibz and one from Uni Innsbruck) took part in the 72-hour training program covering cryptography, network security, software security, and web security. This training aimed to prepare the participants for the challenge and a final competition at the local level was scheduled in order to select the most suitable participants for the national challenge, due to take place in Turin.

Yesterday, Professor Fabrizio Maria Maggi, in the presence of Vice-Rector Prof. Johann Gamper and the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Andrea Gasparella, awarded the top three students and announced the names of the six students who will have the honour and responsibility of representing unibz in the national finals in Turin. From June 28th to July 1st, they will compete against 42 other teams from across Italy. This challenge will serve to identify the top participants in the CyberChallenge.IT project, who will be part of TeamItaly: the Italian National Cyberdefender Team representing Italy in international competitions. This year, they will compete at the European Cyber Security Challenge from October 24th to 27th, 2023, in Hamar, Norway.

The students who ranked in the top three are Damian Gatta (1st place), Luca Boscarato (2nd place), and Emmanuel Scopelliti (3rd place). The team that will defend the reputation of the Free University of Bolzano in Turin will consist of not only the top three students but also the following students: Alessandro Marconi, Alessandro Ercolani, and Manuel Villotti.