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Free University of Bozen - Bolzano

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Andrea Facchetti

+39 0471 015112

BZ F2.06b
Fakultät für Design und Künste
Universitätsplatz 1

Short bio

Upon completing a BA in Philosophy, he specialized in Visual and Multimedia Communication (Iuav University of Venice). In 2017 he completed a Ph.D at the Iuav School of Doctorate Studies in the program “Design Sciences”, where he developed a research regarding critical practices and speculative approaches in visual design. His application of theory and critique to study and research practices in the field of communication design and politics of representation has taken shape through the research collective and publication platform Krisis Publishing. Since 2018 he is a research fellow and an assistant professor in visual communication design at the Free University of Bozen-Bozano. 


graphic design, critical design, politics of representation, visual culture, editorial design, design research, design history

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