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Freie Universität Bozen

Professor*innen auf Planstelle der 2. Ebene | Eco-Social Design

Kris Krois

Short bio

I am teaching/researching in the transdisciplinary and practice-based MA Eco-Social Design. With students, teachers/researchers and partners from neighbourhoods, agricultures, sciences and activism, I am co-creating design practices, tools and structures that contribute to social-ecological transformations towards more solidary and sustainable modes of living and production. For this I am trying to draw things, ideas and actors together, among others when curating the annual conference By Design or by Disaster → blog, contributing to the regional Climate Citizen Assembly, Climate Action, KAUZ – Laboratory for Climate Justice, Work and Future, New European Bauhaus of the Mountains, the research cluster trans–form, Scientists for Future South Tyrol, Zukunftspakt–Patto Futuro, and lab:bz.


Eco-Social Design, Social-Ecological Transformation, User Interface Systems for Content Discovery, Visual Journalism

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