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Lehrbeauftragte | International Financial decision.

Rudi Tranquillini

Short bio

Expert in Project Management and Proposal Writing, graduated in Business Administration at Bocconi University where he specialized in International Finance. With several years of working experience in France, England and Belgium, he has acquired a wide knowledge in teaching methods and financial processes. He worked at the University of Padua as Executive Director for International Relations and at the European Commission as Licensing Executive Officer. He taught for years Project Management at the engineering doctoral schools of the University of Trento.


Einführung in die Finanzwirtschaft

30177 · SECS-P/09 · Bachelor in Tourismus-, Sport- und Eventmanagement · EN

Entrepreneurship Lab - für Innovationsprojekte

27247 · SECS-P/08 · Master in Unternehmensführung und Innovation · EN


27330 · SECS-P/09 · Bachelor in Wirtschaftswissenschaften und Betriebsführung · EN

Finanzierung kleiner und mittlerer Unternehmen und “Venture Capital”

27180 · SECS-P/09 · Master in Unternehmensführung und Innovation · EN


Social Informatics: methods and techniques for supporting academic writings. 
Business Administration: Project management techniques and processes.

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