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Free University of Bozen - Bolzano

Professoren auf Planstelle der 1. Ebene | Industrial economics, political economy

Federico Boffa

Short bio

I obtained my Ph.D. from Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois. My main research interests are in political economics, energy economics and industrial organization.


Business economics

30116 · SECS-P/06 · Bachelor in Tourismus-, Sport- und Eventmanagement · IT

Economics of Digital Markets

76403 · SECS-P/06 · Bachelor in Wirtschaftsinformatik · EN


25444B · SECS-P/06 · Master in Accounting und Finanzwirtschaft · EN


27234B · SECS-P/06 · Master in Unternehmensführung und Innovation · EN

Principles of Economics

29020 · Doktoratsstudium in Management and Economics · EN


My three current main research projects involve the economic analysis of the transition to driverless cars; the analysis of populism; the impact of pollution permits on electricity generators' strategies.


Recent Publications:

Political Centralization and Government Accountability. 2016. Quarterly Journal of Economics, with Amedeo Piolatto and Giacomo Ponzetto.
Patenting Patterns in the Tourism Industry: Evidence from Italy. 2018. International Journal of Tourism Research, with Marianna Succurro.
Investment in Renewables under Uncertainty: Fitting a Feed-in Scheme into ETS. 2016. Energy Journal, with Stefano Clò and Alessio D’Amato.


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