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Freie Universität Bozen

A picture of yesterday's event.
A picture of yesterday's event.

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Calling all game enthusiasts!

unibz's Board Game Design Course within the Studium Generale program: a thrilling fusion of Education and Gaming. Yesterday, the final event took place on the Bozen-Bolzano campus.

In a groundbreaking twist on traditional academia, unibz's Studium Generale program offered students a course and exam experience that felt more like a captivating game. Led by lecturer Eduardo Guerra Martines, a researcher from the Faculty of Engineering, the Board Game Design course took participants on an exhilarating journey into the world of tabletop game creation. With around forty students from diverse faculties of unibz and passionate external enthusiasts, this course became a hotbed of creativity and innovation.

Before the final presentations and evaluations—which took place yesterday on the Bozen-Bolzano campus—friends and curious minds were invited to witness the magic firsthand by testing out the ingenious games. These games, both competitive and cooperative, were designed with an underlying educational objective, adding an extra layer of depth and significance to the experience. As the room buzzed with excitement, participants immersed themselves in the games, uncovering strategic depths and delving into meticulously crafted narratives. Laughter, camaraderie, and a spirit of friendly competition permeated the atmosphere, making it an unforgettable and unique experience for all involved.

The Board Game Design course transcended the boundaries of traditional teaching methods, empowering participants to unleash their creativity and hone their problem-solving skills. By harnessing the power of games as educational tools, it showcased their ability to foster critical thinking, teamwork, and adaptability. Eduardo Guerra Martines inspired students from various backgrounds to explore the realm of game design. The Board Game Design course serves as proof that education can be engaging, immersive, and thoroughly enjoyable.