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A picture of the 2022 edition.
A picture of the 2022 edition.

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The Student Sprint Returns for a Dynamic 2024 Edition at NOI Techpark

Scheduled from February 26 to March 1, 2024, this engaging entrepreneurial initiative for students will take place at the NOI Techpark.

The Student Sprint is an intensive five-day extra-curricular program designed for interdisciplinary teams of unibz students. Here, participants tackle challenges proposed by South Tyrolean companies under the mentorship of industry experts and scientists, employing the highly effective Google Design Sprint Methodology.

Students participating in the Sprint stand to gain significant hands-on experience collaborating with diverse teams, an in-depth understanding of real-world challenges faced by businesses and opportunities to showcase their creativity and vie for prestigious awards.

This year’s program introduces three main challenges:

  • Rethinking product features and distribution logistics for milk (Mila Bergmilch Südtirol).
  • Generating a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) concept targeting commuters (sta-Südtiroler Transportstrukturen).
  • Developing futuristic facility solutions for urban cyclists (Rubner Holzbau).

Participation in the Student Sprint is free, and one winning team for each challenge will receive an award.

“The Sprint offers unibz students a unique opportunity to collaboratively tackle real-life challenges posed by South Tyrolean companies, preparing them effectively for the job market”, says Prof. Paolo Lugli, rector of unibz.

The Student Sprint receives strong support from unibz and NOI Techpark leaders and is financially backed by the European Social Fund. The initiative is coordinated by unibz Prof. Guido Orzes and involves a dedicated working group comprising Professors from diverse fields.

“Entrepreneurial competencies and soft skills are crucial in today’s world. In cooperation with Daniele Morselli from the Faculty of Education, we systematically assessed the learning outcomes based on the EU Entrecomp Framework of students who participated in the last Sprint”, admits Prof. Guido Orzes, (Faculty of Engineering), “The results demonstrated a positive impact, particularly enhancing their ability to ‘work with others.’ Our findings have been published in the International Journal of Management Education”.

For additional information and applications (deadline 3rd December 2032), visit: NOI Techpark - Student Sprint