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Freie Universität Bozen

01 Jun 2022 09:45–11:15

Literaturdidaktischer Gastvortrag mit Prof. Dr. Natascha Naujok

"Susi, the Granddaughter of House No. 4" – Multimedia and Multimodal Narrative Spaces for Imagining and Historical Remembering

Referent*innen Prof. Dr. Natascha Naujok, Professorin für Sprache und Kommunikation (Evangelische Hochschule Berlin)

Datum 01 Jun 2022 09:45 - 11:15

Ort Room BX A1.34, Regensburger Allee 16 - Viale Ratisbona, 16, 39042 Brixen-Bressanone

Mehr Informationen Jeanette Hoffmann und Elisabeth von Leon (Deutsche Abteilung), Teresa Maria Trisciuzzi (Italienische Abteilung) - 0472 014131



Presenting and analysing multiple ways of remembering the Jewish family Cohn, the papers hows that and how multimodality can contribute to memory formation ineducational settings and above.

In a few years, the last contemporary witnesses of National Socialism and the Holocaust will have died. At the same time, migration is increasing. So,children and adolescents in Germany grow up at the transition from communicative to cultural memory (Assmann & Assmann 1994). In literary pedagogy and beyond there is a consensus that the reception, reflexion, and discussion of (aesthetic) literature and (multimodal) media can also stimulate the imagination, enable (imagined) experiences, and contribute to (historical) learning and memory formation (Hoffmann 2012). In a seminar on literacy and literature pedagogy, university students of childhood education visited an exhibition (not only) for children about the true story of a persecuted Jewishfamily (Behr & Wendeborn 2016), wrote reports about their visit experiences, and answered questionnaires. What are the potentials of visiting and reflecting on the (children's) exhibition for the different students regarding their future profession as educators and for their individual memory formation? The paper tells the stories of the Cohn family and the exhibition and presents analyses of key incidents (Kroon & Sturm 2007) from the students' texts. The results show that and how multiplicity and multimodality of storytelling can offer special potentials for memory formation.

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