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Free University of Bozen - Bolzano


12 Dez 2017 09:00–18:00

Euregio Conference: Water as Natural Resource in a Changing Environment

Quality, Threats and Sustainable Use

12 Dez 2017 13:30–14:30

Didattica sensoriale - Oggetti e materiali tra educazione e design

Presentazione del volume

14 Dez 2017 15 Dez 2017

Musik und Schule im Alt-Tiroler Raum und im übrigen Europa

Die Tagung widmet sich der Musik für Kinder und Jugendliche, die in den vergangenen Jahrhunderten in der Schule und in anderen Lernkontexten gesungen wurde.

14 Dez 2017 14:00–15:30

Colloquio Linguistico

Prospettive, cornici e punti di vista: per una didattica interdisciplinare nella scuola del primo ciclo

15 Dez 2017 16 Dez 2017

Outliers: How to create and manage the exceptional

Outliers can be people, firms and institutions that are the exception tothe rule; this can be exceptional performance in absolute terms, competitiveness of organisations.

15 Dez 2017 17:00–22:00

Continuous Development in the Cloud - Workshop

The workshop is aimed at demonstrating and disseminating the power of DevOps in the cloud, for the purpose of increasing software maintainability and improve the development process quality.

18 Dez 2017 09:00–18:00

Asset Allocation under Parameter Uncertainty

In many decision problems the input parametersare unknown. Errors in the estimates of these values will lead to sub-optimaldecisions.

18 Dez 2017 12:30–13:30

When Non-Compliance Carries the Day: Evaluating the Effectiveness of an Employment Program

Enrico Rettore, Università degli Studi di Trento

21 Dez 2017 12:30–13:30

Research seminar: Empirical Welfare Maximization for Treatment Choice

Aleksey Tetenov, University of Bristol

21 Dez 2017 12:30–13:30

Rewrite-Based Analysis of LLVM Peephole Optimizations

In this seminar we show how rewriting techniques can be used to perform a more comprehensive (non)termination analysis, and investigate uniqueness of results.
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