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Free University of Bozen - Bolzano


Gianluca Camillini

+39 0471 015249

Fakultät für Design und Künste
Universitätsplatz 1

Short bio

After his MA and BA degree at I.S.I.A. Urbino (grade cum laude), Gianluca Camillini worked several years for international design agencies and clients.
He currently works as adjucnt professor at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano in the Faculty of Design and Art, focused on typography, graphic and editorial design. 
Since 2015 he has been council member and director of the education department of AIAP—Italian Association for Visual Communication Design. His research projects and publications have been featured and exhibited in national as well as international contexts.
In December 2017, Gianluca Camillini has been elected director of Progetto grafico, international graphic design magazine.


Grafik Design

97107B · ICAR/17 · Bachelor in Design und Künste - Studienzweig Design · EN

Graphic Design

97090B · ICAR/17 · Bachelor in Design und Künste - Studienzweig Design


Typography, branding, graphic and book design, typographical and editorial experimentations from artistic avant-garde movements to the contemporary ages

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