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Freie Universität Bozen


Titel des Forschungsprojektes: "DSSApple - Entwicklung eines Entscheidungs-unterstützungssystems für die Bestimmung von Lagerkrankheiten bei Äpfeln"

Tätigkeitsbeschreibung des/der gelegentlichen Mitarbeiter/s/in:
The implementation of a web-based system for the determination of post-harvest diseases based on macroscopic symptoms, where users are supported in diagnosing the disease of a target apple. The first phase of interaction is based on explicit selection of symptom characteristics and the identification of images depicting similar symptoms to the target apple.
In a second phase users get system feedback about the most likely disease(s) of their target apple together with disease descriptions and advice on their next step.
- The occasional collaborator has to implement the web frontend pages for welcoming users, selection of symptom characteristics, iterative selection of outer and inner symptom images and diagnosis presentation using the standard web technologies HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
- The occasional collaborator has to design and implement a database system that persists the interactions with users and the diagnoses given to them.
- The occasional collaborator has to implement the backend of the web application that handles the interaction with users and the persistency in the database system. Algorithms performing advanced reasoning on which images to present to the users and which diagnoses to present are implemented in Python and need to be integrated.
- The occasional collaborator has to implement a mechanism for performing between participants experiments, where alternative reasoning algorithms are used for different user groups.

Verantwortlicher: Prof. Makus Zanker