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Freie Universität Bozen


Titel des Forschungsprojektes: AI-enhanced team reflection practices for experiential learning of startup teams (Reevup) e Digital Space Supporting All-Remote Startups towards a Sustainable Way of Working (Digi-Dojo)

CUP: I53C22001150005 - I54I20000060005

Tätigkeitsbeschreibung des/der gelegentlichen Mitarbeiter/s/in:

Research on remote work challengs and solutions for software startups. More specifically:
- Systematic review of literature on the challenges of remote work and collaborative online game playing,
- Multiple case study of challenges of remote work in software startups,
- Multiple case study of collaborative online game playing to identify good practices of remote collaboration, and
- Adaptation of the identified good practices for startup teams.

Responsabile: prof. Xiaofeng Wang