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Libera Università di Bolzano

Laboratory for Entomology and Fruit Analysis


Several research groups use this laboratory for entomology and fruit analysis. Fruits and plant materials are sampled and evaluated for further specific analyses. Volatile compounds released from insects and plant material are sampled. Behavioural experiments (i.e. y-tube olfactometry) with insects are performed. Insect species are reared. Some non-hazardous chemicals and different types of plasticware are stored here, as well as the necessary equipment for apiculture research.

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Research Focus

Plant sample preparation, insect rearing, volatile compounds sampling.

Main Instrumentation

The lab does not contain specific instruments: only general tools (microscopes, y-tube olfactometer, graphite pumps, etc.) and 2 refrigerators.



Room E0.11


Dr Sergio Angeli

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