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8 unibz professors among the 100.000 most cited scientists

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unibz professors among the most cited scientists

Three contributors have created a publicly available database of top-scientists regarding citations, h-index, co-authorship and other criteria. 8 out of the top 100.000 scientists considering their impact within last year are professors at unibz. 15 are mentioned for their career-long impact.

The three authors of the list, Jeroen Baas (Elsevier, B.V.), Kevin Boyack (SciTech Strategies, USA) and John P.A. Ioannidis (Stanford) have again provided a list of an “Updated science-wide author databases of standardized citation indicators”.

Published on 19 October 21, they have created a publicly available database of the most impactful scientists in diverse fields. The list provides standardized information on citations, h-index, co-authorship adjusted hm-index, citations to papers in different authorship positions and a composite indicator.

Separate data are shown for career-long and single year impact. Metrics with and without self-citations and ratio of citations to citing papers are given. Scientists are classified into 22 scientific fields and 176 sub-fields. Field- and subfield-specific percentiles are also provided for all scientists who have published at least 5 papers. Career-long data are updated to end-of-2020. The selection is based on the top 100,000 by c-score (with and without self-citations) or a percentile rank of 2% or above.

At the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano the following professors from different fields are listed among the most cited professors during the last year (top 100.000): Marco Gobbetti, Sascha Kraus, Alfredo De Massis, Claus Pahl, Raffaella Di Cagno, Francesco Comiti, Francesco Ricci, Dominik Matt.

Interesting the list for the 2% top scientists for career-long impact in their respective fields. 15 professors from unibz appear in the list: Marco Gobbetti, Sascha Kraus, Claus Pahl, Paolo Lugli, Giancarlo Guizzardi, Francesco Ricci, Alfredo De Massis, Diego Calvanese, Raffaella Di Cagno, Fabrizio Maria Maggi, Marco Montali, Dominik T. Matt, Markus Zanker, Matthias Gauly and Antonio Liotta.



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