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Libera Università di Bolzano

Corpo docente

Sandro Liberatori

Short bio

PhD in Agricultural Engineering. His work is focused on performance and safety issues of agricultural machines. He’s responsible for the accredited certification activity of agricultural machines and is the National Designated Authority in the OECD Agricultural Tractors Codes since 2001 and has been President of the OECD Annual Meeting. Founder Member of the ENTAM network and responsible of the Technical Reference Unit of the UN-CSAM Network and Member of the Advisory Panel. Member of the “Accademia dei Georgofili” of Florence and of many Technical Committees for Innovation in the field of agricultural mechanization. In 2004 he received the Hungarian Banhazi Price and in 2020 he has been appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture of Japan as Peer Reviewer of the activities performed by NARO.