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Libera Università di Bolzano

Laboratory for Molecular and Environmental Microbiology


All research groups use this laboratory to carry out research on molecular microbiology. It is divided into two parts: the first one is dedicated to DNA handling and PCR making; the second for gel electrophoresis and band detection and/or cutting


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Research Focus

Molecular microbiology

Main Instrumentation

The lab contains a laminar flow cabinet dedicated to PCR and molecular DNA/RNA processing. Dedicated refrigerators for microbiology and DNA/RNA storage; PCR thermal cyclers, microcentrifuges, a Qiagen Real Time PCR, D-Code DGGE gel electrophoresis, machinery for agarose and acrylamide gel electrophoresis, a UV gel electrophoresis detection system (UV-Tec Technologies).



Room E0.23


Dr Lorenzo Brusetti