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Libera Università di Bolzano

Scienze e Tecnologie informatiche

Prestazione di lavoro autonomo occasionale (P02)


Titolo del progetto di ricerca: "Enabling Industrial-Strength, Open-Source Temporal Query Processing (ISTeP)"


Descrizione dell'attività da svolgere dal/la collaboratore/trice:
Temporal Alignment (TA) is the first framework to provide comprehensive support for processing time-related data in RDBMS. In this context, the task of this contract is to develop solutions for processing time series data, a very special category of time-related data that is becoming increasingly important in various applications. Good programming skills as well as knowledge of ML methods are very helpful for this work.
The tasks consist of studying, adapting and evaluating ML methods for the analysis of time series data. The use cases concern sensor data from industrial devices, and the analysis focuses in particular on predicting failures or next maintenance steps. Special attention is given to how to generalize and integrate the developed methods into the Temporal Alignment Framework (a relational DBMS for processing temporal data).

Responsabile: Prof. Johann Gamper

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