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Freie Universität Bozen

MA Eco-Social Design: Project 2 by Lis Evers, Maria Pasqualini and Merve Bektas | SS 2020

Canopticon. A 360° view into the future of South Tyrol

Canopticon is a virtual platform focused on values of hemp in Alto Adige for farmers, manufacturers, researchers, and creatives to explore the potentials and to connect with actors that enable synergies to build a local, circular economy.


Through Canopticon we are narrating a story that illustrates the potential and positive future fictions of local hemp in South Tyrol by asking ‘what if’ questions. Facts are combined with speculative questions and stories in order to explore hemp with all its values, benefits, and impacts on the economy, society, culture, and the environment. What if agriculture enriches our flora and fauna? What if hemp can dress, nourish, heal, and provide you a shelter? What if we build the first Hemp Archive of South Tyrol together? What if your jeans only travel 70 km from the field to your wardrobe? The virtual platform is our totem through which a larger story of hemp can be told. 





Canopticon Sections

In this web platform, divided into sections, we invite our audience - farmers, manufacturers, researchers, creatives, and citizens - to get stimulated, learn, and exchange information about hemp. The sections are:

  1. Cultivation
  2. Research Centre
  3. Archive
  4. Future Shop
  5. Workshop Garage
  6. Hemp Harvesting Festival 



Network Platform

Another element of the platform is a map of South Tyrol that enables actors to connect easily and find synergies to build partnerships, aiming for a local, circular economy.




Lis Evers, Maria Pasqualini, Merve Bektas 

Teaching Team:
Corinna Sy  (Object–Spaces–Services)
Kris Krois (Communication–Interaction–Services)
Jennifer Schubert (Social Interaction Design)
Secil Ugur Yavuz  (Design & Production)
Alastair Fuad-Luke (Design Research)


Supporters & Stakeholders :
Castelatsch, Bauernbund
Nettle Fiber Company,
Prof. Kuno Prey
Andrea Sebastianelli
Manuel Unterkofler
Amalia Wallnöfer
Otto von Aufschnaiter

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