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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Faculty Bodies



According to the Statute, the Dean is elected by the respective Faculty Council and appointed by the University Council.
He/She represents the Faculty, chairs the Faculty Council, convenes its meetings, applies its resolutions, and supervises the scientific, didactic and research activities.

Faculty of Computer Science

Francesco Ricci, Dean

Java Programming, Information Retrieval

Marco Montali

Artificial Intelligence, BPM, Databases

Claus Pahl

Software Architecture, Cloud and Edge

Faculty of Economics and Management

Faculty of Education

Michael Gaidoschik

Mathematics Education (Pre K-5)

Giulia Cavrini

Quality of life; Longevity and ageing.

Faculty Councils and Degree Committees

Faculty Councils

The Faculty Councils define the yearly plan related to the didactic offer and coordinate the didactic and scientific activities. Their main duties are listed in the Statute of unibz (available in German and Italian).

Degree Committees

Each Degree Programme has a Degree Committee. Members are two professors and a student representative.

The members of the Faculty Councils and the Degree Committees are listed on the following links: