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Daniela Veronesi

+39 0471 012451

BZ C5.07
Facoltà di Scienze della Formazione
viale Ratisbona, 16
Orario di ricevimento
Mercoledì, 13:00 - 14:00
By appointment. For other days and times, please contact me via e-mail (

Short bio

Daniela Veronesi is assistant professor of Linguistics at the Faculty of Education. Before joining the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano she worked at EURAC Research (Bolzano), with investigations on Italian and German legal language within the framework of text linguistics, cognitive metaphor theory, and foreign language teaching; she was later active at NYU and Columbia University (New York) as Italian istructor.
Her current main interest lies in the study of social interaction from the perspective of conversation analysis, particularly in primary/tertiary education and musical settings, and with a focus on multimodality. Her work on talk-in-interaction includes investigations on multilingual communication, language biographies, radio interviews, and non-professional language mediation.


Analisi della conversazione

54105B · L-LIN/01 · Corso di laurea magistrale in Linguistica Applicata · EN

Linguistica italiana (lab.)

11405B · L-FIL-LET/12 · Corso di laurea magistrale a ciclo unico in Scienze della Formazione primaria - sezione in lingua italiana · IT

Macroaree di ricerca

Languages and multilingualism in South Tyrol;
classroom interaction (face-to-face and online); multilingual communication; language biographies; linguistic landscapes; interaction in music settings.


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